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Checkweighers are used for a variety of applications in food, pharmaceutical and auto part manufacturing industries some of which include:
• Product checkweighing and segregating according to customer specific accuracy (tolerance) and requirements.
• Checking for presence of packaging components such as product, brochure and Instructions.
• Weighing before and after a process to check process performance

Properties and Specifications:

• Linking to computer
• Statistical production reporting (such as number, net weight production, rate of production per hour and etc.) to use for management and productivity enhancement issues.
• Capable of connecting to filler and on-line filler setting (according to customer requirements)
• Filler set time optimization and increasing the production rate
• Touch-screen color display


Technical specifications



Machine dimensions

3m × 1m × 2m

Machine weight

100 kg

Accuracy of measurement

0.02% Full Scale

Operating range 

20gr to 1kg

1kg to 3kg

3kg to 10kg


0.01 % Full Scale

Machine speed **

30 products/ minute

Diameter control range


* could be changed according to customer specific requirements
** could be changed and increased according to customer specific requirements