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Bottle scanners are used for a variety of applications in food, pharmaceutical and sanitary industries some of which include:

- Volume control of filled products in transparent bottles (such as PTE or glass)

- Barcode, label control

- Diagnosis of deforming or damage in the body of the bottle

Properties and Specifications:

- Image processing based control system

- Capable of controlling and scanning of bottle caps, appearance, labels and pack date

- Capable of extracting production statistics (such as number, net volume production, rate of production per hour and etc) available for management and productivity enhancement issues.

- Capable of product segregation

- linking to computer

- Touch-screen color display

- High speed



Technical specification



Machine dimensions (L×W×H)

1m × 1m × 2m

Machine weight

20 kg

Accuracy of measurement *

1cc ~ 10 cc

Machine speed **

40 products/ minute

Diameter control range

10mm ~ 80mm

Operating Range


Required compressed air pressure

6 bar

Touch- screen display



Inlet voltage



* depending on bottle and pack dimensions
** could be changed according to customer specific requirements